Mitzvah, birthday, anniversary & family games

Coke and Pepsi
A partner game where you are Coke and your partner is Pepsi. Two lines are formed across the dance floor.  DJ Billy Zee calls out Coke or Pepsi and that side runs and sits on the knee of their partner. Last one to the other side eliminates the partner team. DJ Billy Zee will mix this game up by using other names and other things to do, i.e. call out Seven-Up and both lines run to the middle and high 5 their partner and run back.

Balloon Stomp
This is a very high-energy game. Everybody gets a balloon attached to a string and ties it to their ankle. The object is to pop other balloons while protecting yours. Players must stay within arranged areas. DJ Billy Zee will also have a balloon tied to his ankle. If no one can pop the DJs balloon then no one wins a prize!
You can spice this up by adding a freeze portion. When the music stops, all must stop.

Stuff a Shirt
Guest of honor and 1-3 friends are given and oversized T-shirt to wear. Guests are asked to stuff the shirts with balloons. After some time the stuffed friends will battle it out trying to knock the balloons of each other’s shirts. “Kung Fu Fighting”

Hula Hoop Pass
Guests hold hands in a big circle while DJ Billy Zee hangs the hula-hoop on person’s arm. The hoop must be passed around the circle without breaking the hands, by moving your body through the hoop. When the music stops, whoever has the hoop around them, is out. This continues until there is only one person left. A “hoop off” will be held for the last two contestants.

Long Noodle Pass
Everyone stands in a circle. A swimming noodle is passed around the circle between their legs without using their hands. When the music stops, who ever is touching the noodle is out.
This can also be played as a relay race with teams passing the noodle to the other end of the dance floor.

Grab Bag
Grab bags are created with giveaways, gag gifts or valuable prizes. Each guest gives their place card to DJ Billy Zee who will raffle off the grab bags throughout the event. The winner must show everyone their prize. This can be fun as DJ Billy Zee will ask the winner to choose the next place card, select their best friend, select someone who is funny, select someone who is a winner, select someone who has 25 cents, etc…. Grab bags with prizes need to be supplied.

Mummy Wrap
1 person is the mummy and a team of 4 or more are the wrappers. A roll of toilet paper is given to the wrappers, who will wrap the mummy. You can also include bows, ribbons, hats, glasses to accessorize the mummy. Mummies will be judged by applause. Toilet paper and accessories need to be supplied.

It is always fun to go under the limbo stick provided by DJ Billy Zee Jamaica mon. You may also do this as a couple or team event with more than one going under at the same time.

Freeze Dance
A great dance tune is played and all the dancers must freeze when the music stops. Dancers who remain standing still may get a small prize from DJ Billy Zee. Changing songs and telling people what to do like put your hands in the air when the music stops adds more fun.

Name That Tune
Choose a category or group of music to name that tune. Movies themes, Broadway, Beatles, rap, country, 80s, 70, 50 – 60s, current…. Groups or single players.

True colors
DJ Billy Zee will play a song with the name of a color in the title. Guests who know the title must stand on the color lei that matches their answer.

Jelly Bean Jar
A jar is filled with Jelly Beans and is placed at the entrance table.  Each person must write on a piece of paper their guess and their name. The person who guesses the closest wins the jelly beans and a prize. You must supply and count the jelly beans and give the answer to DJ Billy Zee.

Football, baseball or soccer toss
Either a three foot inflatable football, baseball or soccer player is supplied with a bucket of balls to throw into a netted opening of the inflatable player. The balls are made of a soft material.

Monkey dance
A 5 foot inflatable monkey is passed around a circle to the music. When the music stops, the guest must enter the circle and dance to the music they hear. A large inflatable Rabbit and jester is also available. Inflatable skeletons and Frankenstein is available for Halloween.

Parachute Time
A larger parachute will be spread out with balls to bounce around as guests hold the ends of the parachute. DJ Billy Zee will also direct guests to perform different movements. This is just like gym class with music added. Smaller parachutes are available for small rooms and little children.

Giant Volley Ball
A 48 inch in diameter Volley Ball for gyms or outside events to be bounced around the room. Huge balloons are also available.

Relay Races
Teams of 10 or more compete in a battle of speed by racing each other with an additional challenge like holding a balloon between their legs. DJ Billy Zee can create customized relay races based on the interests of the guest of honor.  For example, small soccer balls can be kicked up to the next team member, inflatable guitars played and passed, inflatable birthday cakes balanced, balance a crab on a bat, etc…

Decades Dance
Popular dance styles will be played from the 1920’s to today. Short clips of songs will be mixed of different styles from the Charleston to the Stanky Leg.

Partner Dance
A mix of dances that involve having a partner will be played. The best couple will be able to perform all of the dances together like swing, tango and partner Macarena.

Shadow Dance
Great for a father daughter dance or partner teams. Two lines are created on the dance floor. Face your partner as they dance to the song playing. You must dance like your partner on DJ Bily Zee’s command. You are your partner’s shadow.

Musical Chairs Scavenger Hunt
Players will come to the dance floor with a chair and sit down. DJ Billy Zee will call for something like a “napkin”. The players run to find one. While they are gone, a chair or two is removed. The person who comes back and doesn’t have a seat is out.
A standard scavenger hunt can be played with out the chairs.

Poker Hands
DJ Billy Zee will give everyone a playing card. Later guests are asked to find others who have cards to create a full house, flush, straight, etc….

A,B,C, or D dance Floor
Four corners of the dance floor are marked A,B,C, and D.  Questions with 4 multiple choice answers about the guest of honor are asked to those standing on the dance floor. Guests must go to the corner of the dance floor that matched the correct answer. Write
out 25 – 30 trivia facts about you from your favorites to your dog’s name. Add the number of times or years you participated in something, anything about your interests in life, your favorite things, etc….

All of the the kids stand in a circle around the guest of honor. The guest of honor will choose one partner to slow dance with as the music starts. When DJ  Billy Zee stops the music and says “snowball,” the boy and girl have to choose someone else from the circle to dance with. This continues, with the number of dancing couples gradually increasing with a “snowball” effect, until everyone is dancing and enjoying themselves.

Ocean Wave
A blue fabric is held across the dance floor and raised up for guests to run underneath. This is great for a beach party theme.

Dr. Seuss Rap
A drum beat is playing, while a guest tries to wrap on the microphone the rhyme from a Dr. Seuss book. The book and hat will be provided.

Partner Macarena
Find a partner and stand side by side. Your partner will do the right-hand motions of the “Macarena” and you will do the left-hand motions.

Spotlight Dance
Spotlight is shown on a group or one person dancing. Best group or person dancing is chosen to take stage to the song of their choice. Best performance wins.

21 Cup Pyramid
A team relay race where each team must stack 21 cups into a pyramid one cup at a time. The first row will have 6 cups, the second row 5 cups, etc….  One person at a time must stack one cup to build the pyramid. After a player has placed their cup, they go to the end of their line and the next player does the same thing. If the pyramid falls down during the building process, the team member on the dance floor has to rebuild the pyramid before their team can proceed. First team to build a pyramid wins.

Huggy Dance
When a song stops playing, DJ Billy Zee will call out a number. If the number is 5 then guests must hug in a group of five. If the number is 7 then guests must hug in a group of seven, etc………Anyone not in a group of that number is out.

Grand Entrance
Bring in the guest of honor with a tunnel of long balloons held by the guests standing in two lines. Glow necklaces can also be used to create a light tunnel as 2 people hold the end of the light necklace.

Worst Dance Contest
Not everyone can dance so we will try to find the worst dancer in the group. Guests form a circle and when the spotlight shines on a guest, they go to the center and dance their most horrific dance steps. Judge by applause for the worse dancer.  Guests who can dance can create a bad dance to try and win.

The Big Squeeze
Divide into 2 large groups and form the shape as a group that DJ Billy Zee calls out. For instance, the group will form the shape of a square, football, pencil, a dog, the letter Z, etc…. First team to successfully form the shape as a team wins a point.

Guest Dj
Winner gets to choose one song to play behind the DJ booth. They will use the microphone to announce the song and scratch into the mix!

Circle of Friends
At the end of the night, guests stand in a circle as a slow song is playing. Each guest has the opportunity to say something to the guest of honor as the microphone is passed around.

Not so Newlywed game
Questions are received from guests to ask the not so newlyweds. The couple is asked the questions and answers are revealed just like the TV show “The Newlywed game.

The shoe couples game
An anniversary couple is given each other’s shoe to represent an answer for the wife or husband. If the answer pertains to the wife then her shoe would be held up. This can also be done with pink and blue items to represent the wife and husband.

Follow me Dances
All of the line dances can be taught including: Electric Slide, Cha cha Slide, Bootie Call, Mississippi Cha cha slide, Cotton Eyed Joe, Love Shack, Alley Cat, Chicken Dance, YMCA, Hand Jive, Stroll, conga, shout,…..

Many line dances have been created by DJ Billy Zee including follow dances to:
The Time Warp, Shake Senora, Ice-cream & Cake, Dance & Shout, Caribbean “napkin” dance, The Bird, swing, square dance calls, Rock & Roll Pt 2, Hands Up, We are Family, Shake, Rattle & Roll, Little Bitty Pretty One, Dollar Wind, Shag, Hot Hot Hot, Switch, Blues Brothers, Shake a Tail Feather, …… more

Outdoor Games
A fun outdoor party is going to include summer time music and fun activities. Don’t forget the traditional outdoor games like balloon toss.

Many kindergarten & elementary children’s music & activities are also available as well as seasonal activities for the holidays.

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