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BADJALogoDescribe entertainment services provided.

    I offer the expected DJ/MC services with quality sound for every event. Most of my clients are for Weddings, Bar/Batmitzvahs, Schools, and Birthdays. I go beyond the expected services by offering lighting, ceremony sound systems, 22” monitor screens for photo montages, 100” projection screens for music videos, live camera to capture guests dancing, love mixes, online planning and creating time lines for each event. I accommodate my equipment and performance style for the type of event.

Awards achieved (include DJ and Non DJ awards)

Bride’s Choice Award 2010 from Wedding Wire.
Official DJ of Mt. View Middle
Official DJ of Mora Crossman Rec.Center – Baltimore City Schools.
John Philip Sousa Award- Recognizes Best High School Music Achievement

I won best Hawaiian shirt and a watermelon eating contest – but I digress.

How did you get started in the DJ business?

     I began playing cocktail piano for an agency, who booked me for events in the 1990s. When I saw DJs setting up after my performance, I thought ‘I can do that.” I offered my DJ services to the agency using my meager sound system. At the time, my devotion was to playing drums and piano in bands and never thought much of “press play DJs.”

I continued to believe musicians were superior to DJs until after I played a dueling piano show in OC for 2 summers. There was a DJ in the next room who I would watch on my breaks. He was working the crowd and creating as much excitement as a live band! This is when I learned that a DJ can do more then “press play.” I absorbed everything I could to create a one man DJ show that was as fun and exciting without being cheesy or over the top.

Do you have another job?

      Currently I am DJing full time to offer the best possible service for my clients. I resigned in 2009 as a Baltimore City music teacher for 11 years, teaching grades PreK -7, Special Ed and emotional disturbed students. I have a Maryland teaching certification. My original college degree is in economics and accounting, so I have made quite a turn in employment fields.

What is your entertainment approach to the evening?

    It is never the same, which keeps this job from being mundane. First, I listen to what my client expects for their event. Then I can approach the planning process based on my client’s needs. The core of every event is the music, which ranges from cocktail music to dance.

The key for me is mixing the music. Usually I will receive a list of songs from the clients to mix, which gives me a good idea of their personality. Music is always non stop with no dead air. If a song is not working for the dancers, I mix into a better song. My goal is to create a memorable, enjoyable time – even if you are not a dancer. Elegant fun.

Why is a BADJA membership important to you as a DJ?

    The Baltimore Area DJ Association brings credentials to my service. Clients will know that I am a professional DJ who is part of an established organization. I like growing as a disc jockey by being around the top DJ professionals in my area. Our monthly meetings give me inspiration and valuable information to apply to my business.

What personal hobbies, interests, or talents can you share that is not listed on your web site?

     Music is my life. I started out with the conundrum of “What instrument do you want to play Bill?” The drum set was my 1st choice. I played drums in the Archbishop Curley jazz band and orchestra in high school. I also played drums for the following bands: Sojourn (progressive rock), Fat Tuesday (R& B) and Class Act (wedding band).

    This lead to learning piano where I played in Irish bars, dueling piano shows (Lil Ditty’s), Nutty Buddies (minor league baseball show), and I started the Green Onions oldies band. All along I taught myself guitar and harmonica, while learning some basic skills on other instruments. I have applied many of these skills at DJ events. I played cocktail piano, played Cajun accordion for Mardi Gras party and still bring out the harmonica for the DJ Bill Blues Brother show.

What equipment do you use for your events?

    Great sound is very important to me and I have spent countless dollars on professional gear. I enjoy when guests can hold a conversation with music playing and also feel the bass beat when the dancing starts. Different combinations are used for different events. (EV, JBL, Mackie, Numark, Shure, wireless mics…) A detailed listing can be found on my site under sound lighting.. One subwoofer is used 90% of the time with two EV SXA 360 speakers at no extra charge to the client. Extra sound for gyms will need two JBL SRX 18” subs and two EV ZXA5 Speakers.

     I have many options: ceremony sound, 100” screen, 40” screen, 22” screen, music videos, photo montages, live camera, lasers, smoke, bubbles, mirror ball, colored moving lights, and ambient lighting.

   I predominately mix using a laptop and controller with the music and videos stored in a WD 1 TB hard drive. A dual Cd player is available for backup.

Do you have other comments you need to let DJ or clients know about your DJ Company?

     Clients should know that a professional DJ will put more then the 4 hours into your event. Time goes into advertising, keeping music current, buying new gear, developing the business, developing the show, planning events, setup, break down, etc…. Even the highest priced DJ is a bargain if they are a true professional.

      I have purchased many “as seen on TV” miracle items that promise you the moon for $9.99, which seem too good to be true. In the end, guess what? – those cheap items were too good to be true. I found inexpensive items offering you everything just never deliver their claim. The same is true with DJs.

     I deliver! My prices are not the lowest but considering my equipment, experience and dedication to your event, it is extremely fair. You get more then what you pay for. Read the testimonials on my site from real DJ Billy Zee clients.

Every event is important to me and I do whatever it takes to make it a success! No stress.


DJ name:          Bill Ziemski      aka       DJ Billy Zee -The Party Shaker

Company name:           All Requests DJ

Company email:

Company web site:

                                                 DJ Billy Zee

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